Thankful ...

I still have brows when I wash my make-up off

Also known as '3D Brows', 'Hair Stroke Brows', or 'Feather Brows', Microblading is a great, semi-permanent option for clients who are looking for a realistic, natural looking brow. 

During the procedure, Shannon will create the perfect brow shape and choose a natural hair stroke pattern to suit each client’s unique features and preferences. Then, use a precise, manual tool made up of multiple tiny needles to deposit pigment into the first layer of skin. The result is a natural, beautiful brow customized to each client that will naturally fade out over a period of 8 – 24 months.

Each stroke replicates real hair, and the end result is a brow that looks nearly identical to natural hair patterns. Microblading can create or redefine the shape of brows, fill in empty/sparse areas, thicken, extend, and create brows for clients who have lost all of their brow hair.


Initial Appointment


4-6 Week Touch-Up


Yearly Refresher