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Laser Hair Removal

Hair-free and Care-free

Are you tired of shaving, painful waxing or electrolysis? Revive Laser & Skincare offers medical grade, FDA approved laser hair removal, for permanent reduction of hair growth. 

This treatment uses a laser to heat a hair follicle causing damage to it at the root or bulb. Because heat is best absorbed by darker colors, individuals with fair skin and dark hair have the most success with this treatment. Light red, blonde and light brown hair may require additional treatments to achieve optimal results. The melanin, a pigment that gives hair its color, is what absorbs the energy from the laser. Darker hair has more melanin, therefore can absorb more energy, causing more damage to the root or bulb. Laser hair removal is a gradual process with each treatment having cumulative effects so it’s important to come in for treatments at regular intervals until desired effect is achieved.

There are three stages of hair growth and laser is only truly successful in the first phase. Because only a percentage of hair at any given time is in this first stage of hair growth, multiple treatments are required.

If this is your first laser hair removal appointment at Revive, please ensure you also schedule a complementary consultation so we can go over information you will need to know regarding your treatment.

LHR - Upper Lip.jpg

Upper Lip

LHR - Face.jpg

Full Face


Bikini Line

LHR - Inner Thighs.jpg

Inner Thighs

LHR - Lower Legs.png

Lower Legs




Back of Neck

LHR - Chest & Abdomen.jpg

Chest & Abdomen

LHR - Chin.jpg


LHR - Underarms.jpg



Full Bikini

LHR - Back of Thighs.jpg

Back of Thighs

LHR - Full Legs.jpg

Upper Legs


Upper Arms


Front of Neck

LHR - Full Back.jpg

Full Back

LHR - Upper Lip & Chin.jpg

Upper Lip & Chin

LHR - Navel.jpg






Feet & Toes


Full Legs


Full Arms

LHR - Full Neck.png

Full Neck

LHR - Shoulders.jpeg


A complementary consultation is required prior to treatment; this may be scheduled along with your first appointment.

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